The Jewel in the Crown. Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning Systems 1975-2015

The Jewel in the Crown. Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning Systems 1975-2015

ISBN: 9788253037882
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Utgitt år: 2015
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The Jewel in the Crown

Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning Systems 1975 - 2015

How does a vessel keep stationed without mooring? The answer is through dynamic positioning, or DP. Advanced technology, combining position sensors, propellers and thrusters, counteract natural forces such as wind, currents and waves to position the vessel without using anchors or lines. This fascinating technology is truly the Jewel in the crown. Developed, manufactured, and commercially marketed from a competent maritime environment in Kongsberg, DP today is found in every ocean region in the world.  

The adventure began in 1975 when Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk signed its first contract. Eighteen months later an Albatross DP system was installed on board a Norwegian diving vessel in the North Sea. Today, dynamic positioning equipment from the inland town of Kongsberg is found onboard a myriad of ship types including supply vessels, drilling rigs, pipe and cable-layers, stone dumping and bulk vessels, shuttle tankers, crane and lifting vessels, mine hunting vessels, cruise ships, floating hotels and yachts. DP is not limited to keep a vessel on a fixed location but also to controlling the motions of vessels along predetermined tracks often over a very large area. 

After 40 years, Kongsberg Maritime maintains a solid world-leading position within dynamic positioning. In this book, we follow the technology, people and events that made it happen.   


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