Førpris: 399.00
ISBN: 9788253033693
Utgivelsesår: 2011
Status: I salg

Two Summer Houses

Architect: Arne Henriksen Arkitekter


Architect Arne Henriksen refuses to be easily typecast; his vocabulary is rich, versatile and often surprising. In spite of his relatively small office and a correspondingly small production, Arne Henriksen has established himself as one of the most influential Norwegian architects of his generation. The two summer houses presented in this book are typical of Henriksen’s work in the sense that both represent site- and program-specific architectural investigations.
In his essay Karl Otto Ellefsen discusses the origins and functions of the Nordic summer house. He explores how Arne Henriksen’s drawings for the two summer houses at Koster and Øyna and the techniques used to design the drawings are atypical of present day architectural practice. Nevertheless, as Ellefsen points out, “the material represents an important and vital aspect of the Norwegian architectural tradition.”

Essay by Karl Otto Ellefsen