asBUILT documents in meticulous detail the many co-existing idioms in contemporary  Norwegian architecture. Each book presents one building, complete with working drawings, technical specifications, photographs as well as a discursive essay.

Contemporary building practices represent a slowly developing cultural competence of systems, methods, and techiques that rely on a certain dissemination in order to prosper. In the world of gastronomy, one generously share recipes. Highlighting the very translation from concept to physical object and from drawings to completed building, asBUILT establishes a space for similarly exchanging built experience, hoping in this way to fuel the metabolism of architecture.

asBUILT makes the archives public by providing a template for publishing. The series offers a systematic depository of knowledge to inform contemporary practice, and documents architectural history in the making. 

All the books in this series are in English.

Finansparken (asBUILT 25) kopi[1]


Architect: Helen & Hard/SAAHA

Kr. 399,- 349,-
Stormen, Bodø (asBUILT 24) med ramme

Stormen, Bodø

Architect: DRDH Architects

Kr. 399,- 349,-
Nipe Summer house (asBUILT 23) med ramme

Nipe Summer House

Architect: Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk Arkitektkontor

Kr. 399,- 349,-

Project: Oslo Spektrum

Architect: LPO Arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-
Villa Stenersen

Villa Stenersen

Arkitekt: Arne Korsmo

Kr. 399,- 349,-
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design _asbuilt20 COVER
Kr. 399,-
asbuilt19 a protective roof
Kr. 399,- 349,-
Project Vestfold Crematorium
Kr. 399,- 349,-
Project Military training facility

Military training facility

Longva arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-
House Bøe Møller / Weekend house Straume

House Bøe Møller / Weekend House Straume

Knut Hjeltnes sivilarkitekter MNAL AS

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 15 Sørum Farm

Sørum Farm

Architect: Are Vesterlid

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 14 The Teachers Union Conference Center

The Teachers' Union Conference Center

Architect: Element Arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 13 Marienlyst Park

Marienlyst Park

Architect: Lund Hagem Arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 12

Summer House Storfjord

Architect: Jensen & Skodvin

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 11

Villa Engen

Architect: Are Vesterlid

Kr. 399,- 349,-
asBUILT 10

Villa Schreiner

Architect: Sverre Fehn

Kr. 399,- 349,-

The Statoil Reception Center

Architect: Haga & Grov

Kr. 399,- 349,-


Architect: Atelier Oslo + awp

Kr. 399,- 349,-

Asker Mortuary and Crematorium

Architect: Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

Kr. 399,- 349,-

Farm House Toten

Architect: Jarmund/Vigsnes Architects

Kr. 399,- 349,-

Two Summer Houses

Architect: Arne Henriksen Arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-


Architect: SPACE GROUP

Kr. 399,- 349,-
Pålsbu Hydro Power Station

Pålsbu Hydro Power Station

Architect: Manthey Kula

Kr. 399,- 349,-

House Kollstrøm/Østberg

Architect: Knut Hjeltnes AS Sivilarkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-

Østfold University College

Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Kr. 399,- 349,-