Førpris: 399.00
ISBN: 9788253033679
Utgivelsesår: 2011
Status: I salg


Architect: SPACE GROUP


With the V-House, Space Group performs spatial investigations by decomposing the traditional ”zoning” of a private villa while exploiting and cultivating the topographical richness of the site on a peninsula west of Oslo. The deeper context of the house is revealed in the relationship between domesticity and technology. As Michael Weinstock puts it in his essay, the V-House “is a space of transit, oscillating between the public world of work and the private space of domesticity, between the individual and the family. The result is that domestic space has become a terrain vague, which is what makes it so fascinating for the imagination.”
Space Group’s work in Norway and abroad spans housing, public buildings, and complex urban projects, always exploring the materiality and the technological possibilities of architecture and at the same time highlighting the performative qualities of urban and natural landscapes. This book documents the V-House by presenting the total collection of the architect’s and structural engineer’s working drawings, technical specifications, and photographs.

Essay by Michael Weinstock